Elevate Your Fashion House with Cutting-Edge POS Technology

Elevate Your Fashion House with Cutting-Edge POS Technology

Point of Sale

It is a solution that integrated your business from POS operations to Sales to inventory. All in one in a full featured web application, you can't imagine how POS will make your sales easy through multi ware house. You can keep many more store history. POS is a Cloud based solutions. We are providing the service all over in Bangladesh. The web application was specially developed for superstore, mega shop and fashion house. 

So, turn your Retail Small Business into a Customer Focused, Profit Generating Machine.

Benefits of Point of Sale

Save Time & Money: Save 2-3 hours of manual work a week that our system automates. Our pricing is fair and affordable and we allow unlimited devices and employees. User-friendly system speeds up checkout and increase sales for your business.

Features List of our Point of Sale

The ultimate Point of Sales (POS) solution for retailers and distributors. Features included:

Admin Section: 

  • Admin Sales & Expense Dashboard with Graph
  • Admin Point of Sale with Multiple Payment Method 
  • Category, Sub Category, Multi brand, Multiple Attribute Options
  • Catalog, Single Barcode Print
  • Multiple Barcode Print (Only Include Premium Package) 
  • Every Section Include Excel Export and Print
  • Product Allocation in Different Outlet with history
  • Sales List
  • Daily Cost & Daily Bases total Cost
  • Customer List (SMS Premium Package) 
  • Existing Stock Increase by Barcode & Stock in History
  • Head office Inventory, Outlet Inventory, Selected Outlet Inventory with Print Section
  • Stock re-evaluation with Correction
  • Stock Return History with required permission 
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Sales Report
  • Profit & Loss Statement 
  • Payment Method & Bank Information
  • Basic Cache System 
  • Store Configuration with warehouse & outlet
  • Outlet Status 
  • Multiple User Role and Users
  • Manual backup
  • Most Saleable Product 
  • Working Hour 
  • Live Chat


Outlet Section:

  • Sales & Expense Dashboard
  • Outlet Point of Sale, Outlet Return or Exchange Feature
  • Outlet Order
  • Inventory Add by Voucher and Manual Way 
  • Outlet Internal Product Exchange or Transfer
  • Stocking History 
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Summery 
  • Central Inventory 
  • Return Inventory & History 
  • Recheck Inventory 
  • Daily Cost 
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Sales Report
  • Every Section Include Excel Export and Print
  • Every Section Include Bulk Action
  • Working Hour 
  • Light and Dark Theme 
  • Live Chat